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Internship in Guangzhou

An internship in Guangzhou, Start your career with us now!

The city of Guangzhou
Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province on the south coast of China, and it is a vital and lively metropolis. The city has a large harbor on the Pearl River, which opens all gates to the South China Sea. With fast connections to Hong Kong and Macao; the city serves as a political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center in the Guangdong region. After the reform and opening policy of China, the city acts as a pioneer of the economic development of the whole country. Many companies with a high level of employment make the city a densely populated area. Guangzhou is particularly prosperous because of its trade, tourism, restaurants, finance, and real estate sectors. The city has many attractions, such as the Five Ram Statue at Yuexiu Park, the Pearl River, and the White Cloud Mountain.

The economy in Guangzhou
Guangzhou is the political, economic, technological, educational and cultural centre in Guangdong province. The high-tech industry is thriving, and the city’s eight core industries are expanding: automotive, electronics, petrochemical, electrical and thermal energy, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering is on a steady upswing. The pharmaceutical and aerospace industries are also based in Guangzhou, contributing to the success of the entire area.

In Guangzhou, the total value of exports raised to 13.2% of the total value of all exports from the Guangdong province. Due to its tourism and entertainment industry, Guangzhou has very diverse offers, including a variety of national AAA and AAAA tourist attractions, theme parks, and rural tourist destinations.

Why an internship in Guangzhou?
Guangzhou in southern China is a magnet for those who want to live and work in an up-and-coming city. With its warm climate, charm and great leisure activities – Guangzhou is an ideal place to do an internship in China. In addition, Guangzhou is the manufactory of many international companies and interesting for interns who want to work in export/import later. With your acquired professional experience, you score points over your competitors and thus increase your career opportunities.

Internship jobs in Guangzhou
In Guangzhou, we have many exciting positions for interns. If your desired occupation is not listed, please contact us. We always have new open internships available.

  • Account Executive
  • Blog Publisher
  • Business Developer
  • Back-end Web Developer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Communication and Event Management
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Community Assistant
  • Event Planner
  • and much more

What is included in the internship package?

✓ Professional consultation
Excellent and professional consultation is crucial to guarantee a successful internship. We have over 10 years of China experience and can provide you with all the important information you need.

✓ 4 lessons Chinese lesson per week
With the integrated language course, you will learn a little more about the culture and language of China. This gives you the opportunity to integrate into everyday life quickly.

✓ We organise accommodation for you
You can either rent an apartment through us or organise your accommodation.

✓ Student Visa in China
Our Partner will provide all necessary documents for your in order that you can apply your Visa in China.

✓ Airport pickup
We offer you a pickup at the airport. We will then bring you to the school or your accommodation.

✓ 24/7 on-site support
A 24/7 on-site support ensures that you can spend a good and hassle-free time in Guangzhou.

✓ Cultural activities
The cultural events will give you a deeper insight into China’s 5000-years of culture.

✓ Welcome Package
Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack with a city map, a metro card, and a student card, which allows you to shop at discounted prices at certain shops.

Student – Visa
The X2-Student Visa is the most used variant to complete an internship in China. To apply for the visa, you need a letter of invitation from us. We are happy to assist you in the process to successfully obtain the visa.

The placement processes

1: First contact
For the first clarification, contact us by phone or e-mail. Please send us your curriculum vitae in advance, so we can check the possibilities.

2: Appointment for the first conversation
During the first conversation, we will discuss your needs and goals. The conversation can take place via Skype, telephone or in our office.

3: Sending your documents to China
After our first meeting, we will send the documents to our partner in China. They will then contact you via email to discuss further steps.

4: CV goes to the company
After our partner has discussed with you all details of the job, they will deliver your documents to the company. For this, we will charge a small fee, which will be deducted at the end of the successful mediation.

5: Completion of the mediation
If you and the company in China agree to the internship, the contracts will be signed. On request, you can send us the contract for review.

6: Payment
Upon completion, the final payment becomes due, which you will settle within 7 to 10 days.

Prices and services

The prices vary depending on the services. Accommodations and Chinese Language Course incl.

  • 1-month internship 2.800 Euro
  • 2-months internship 3.700 Euro
  • 3-months internship 4.400 Euro
  • 4-months internship 5.500 Euro
  • 5-months internship 6.050 Euro
  • 6-months internship 6.640 Euro

Currency fluctuations reserved. Prices without accommodation are provided upon request.

Important points “Short and sweet”
Over the past 30 years, China has grown to a strong economic power. Today, China is an indispensable part of the world economy. You can benefit from the upswing of China – with an internship. Many international companies are based in Guangzhou. Line managers and HR managers are always happy to receive a CV from a candidate with international experience. You can benefit from our 10 years of experience in China and have the right contact for your questions and suggestions.