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The Summer Camps in China

Three different summer camps in the enchanting country of China!

Let your children experience an unforgettable summer in China! The summer camps of our partner institutes in Beijing, Shanghai and Guilin/Yangshuo provide an excellent language adventure where learning is combined with a fun and varied leisure program.

Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people, and this number is increasing by day. Whether at work or study, Chinese is gaining more and more global importance. The summer camps in China provide an ideal introduction to or further practice in the language. They also teach the ability to work in a team and build up the intercultural skills while preserving the aspects of fun and joy. Participants involve in various Chinese cultural activities, and visit various historical and touristic attractions.

Supervisor and teacher
Each year, the summer caps receive participants from about 30 different countries. They are suitable for the ages between 7 and 18 years.  The experienced and well-qualified supervisors and teachers offer an unforgettable adventure with an added educational value.

Summer Camp in Beijing
The capital of China offers not only a modern city feel but also a lot of history and culture. Each district has unique possibilities of discovery, and the Hutongs immerse visitors in the living past. If you want your child to experience the traditional Chinese culture, then let them visit the heart of China, Beijing. The program includes the touristic highlights of the city and the surrounding areas. There are also opportunities to practice the learned Chinese from the morning classes within the local Chinese everyday life.

The highlights of the Beijing program
A visit to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace is a “must” for all visitors. In the evening, acrobatics shows and the Chinese opera await their audience. The tea houses, a visit to the night market and KTV (karaoke) are also among the experiences not to be missed on.

Summer Camp in Shanghai
Shanghai is the bustling financial metropolis of China and one of the largest cities in the world. Opposite the Bund-Promenade is a multitude of skyscrapers and the Shanghai Tower; the second largest building in the world. This city is one of superlatives and futuristic vibes. Shanghai houses a mix of people from all over China, so it is possible for students to get to know different regional cultures and be exposed to a variety of dialects.

Highlights of the Shanghai program
In the mornings at the Bund, you can watch the Shanghainese  practising Tai Chi while the city slowly awakens. In the French Concession, you can still feel the era of the 20s and 30s or the visit of one of the many water cities in the area that are a welcome change from the big city bustle. In the evenings, a boat trip on the Huangpu River offers one of the most spectacular views in China, namely the skyscrapers in Pudong.

Summer Camp in Guilin/Yangshuo
Yangshuo, a picturesque city in southern China, is a popular destination characterized by crystal clear rivers, limestone cliffs, lush vegetation, traditional Chinese architecture and customs.

The program offers customized Mandarin courses, authentic Chinese cuisine, new cultural experiences, many beautiful places to discover and the possibility to immerse in the Chinese language and culture! This learning adventure is full of exploration, sense of magic, fun and knowledge. Children and teenagers also get to see the authentic Chinese country life.

Highlights of the Guilin / Yangshuo program
An orienteering course is an excellent way to explore the city. A ride on the Yulong River, which meanders through pristine villages, is also organised. This is followed by craft courses, cave exploration, magic tricks lessons, a climbing adventure course and a wilderness “survival program”. Among other highlights on the list, participants will be visiting a local tea plantation, exploring ancient cities and immersing themselves the unique karst landscape.

Bring culture closer
Our partner institutions want to bring your child closer to understanding the Chinese culture. Therefore, they offer various cultural activities and programs. Some of the examples include the following:

  • Calligraphy – a 7000-year-old typeface art
  • Tea Ceremony – The Art of Tea Drinking
  • Mahjong – The national game of the Chinese
  • Chinese Dumplings – The most popular food in China
  • Art with paper & scissors – the art of paper cutting


Junior program (7 to 12 years)
This program is for the younger ones, as it is designed to allow the children to attend Chinese classes and summer activities during the day while spending the evening with their own families. Parents can also sign up for our adult courses that take place when their children are in the camp.

Teens program (13 to 18 years)
Here the teenagers are challenged in an age-appropriate way, and the summer camp allows them to immerse themselves entirely in the Chinese culture, exchange ideas and make friends with the other international participants. It is the perfect time for shaping the plans regarding their future that may end up including China!

Program Highlights

  • 2 to 6 week immersion learning program
  • Unique and child-friendly curriculum
  • 20 language lessons per week
  • Eight students per group on average
  • Dedicated teachers, instructors and activity coordinators
  • Afternoon activities or excursions