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Student X2 Visa Internship China

All you need to know about the Visa for Internship in China

For an internship in China, you need a valid visa. Applying for a visa to enter China may be associated with hurdles. Until a few years ago, there was the classic internship visa, unfortunately it was abolished. We will show you two possible ways to get a visa for your internship in China.

The student X2 visa (most common variant for internships in China)
The X2 visa is a short-term student visa, which is mainly issued for language courses, training or visiting any other school. As a rule, an X2 student visa is enough for an internship in China, when it is combined with a language course.

For the student X2 Visa, you need the following documents

  • Visa application form (you can download online at the Chinese Embassy)
  • Original passport and a copy (must be valid for more than 6 months after the departure date). Please make sure that your passport has at least two empty pages.
  • Official passport photograph
  • Copy of invitation letter from us, the school or university

The X2 Student Visa is valid for a maximum of 6 months and cannot be renewed in China. When you travel to China with the X2 Visa and you need to stay in China during the whole stay as it is a single-entry visa.

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X1 visa

There is also the possibility to get an X1 student visa. The X1 visa is a long-term visa – valid for up to one year. The X1 visa must be converted into a Residence Permit within 30 days after your arrival in Mainland China. You must also do a health check on site.

What documents are needed for the X1 visa:

  • Visa application form (can be downloaded from the website of the Chinese Embassy)
  • Official JW201 or JW202 form and an admission letter issued by the Ministry of Education
  • All registration papers of the school or university (original and copy)
  • Invitation form (original and copy)

Selected universities can issue a JW201 or JW202 form that you can use to apply for an X1 visa in your country.

Via an Agency or do it yourself

You can either apply for the visa yourself at the Chinese Embassy with all the necessary forms or have it done through an agency. The agency requires fees, but you will be relieved of all administrative work.

Attention: For the X1 Visa, you will have to go to the Chinese Embassy in person for fingerprint verification.