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Langauge Schools in Guilin

Language school in Guilin/Yangshuo, chosen for you.

About us
We are a specialized agency for Chinese language travel in China & Taiwan. We also offer internship placement in China and cultural education for universities, colleges and companies.

Free of charge service
Our services are free of charge. The Chineseschool will reimburse us for the services we provide to you. We are happy to consult you personally! Call us or write to us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Selection of language schools
Thanks to our experience as a former Chinese language school, we know what matters when choosing the right one. Our top Chineseschool in Guilin is a highly professional Chinese language school and have been visited by us for evaluation.

Location of language school
The language school is located close to Guilin, in a small town with about 300,000 inhabitants. Nature, mountains, and rivers surround the city. The school is internationally recognized. It has Wi-Fi, ten classrooms and a reception.

Near the school
Around the school. you have many opportunities to explore the nature or go out in town. Local restaurants, shops and snack bars are everywhere.

Guaranteed qualified teachers
The instructors of the language school are all professionally trained and highly motivated to provide you with the best language course. They all have several years of experience and aim to teach you Chinese in the most effective way.

The Mandarin language courses in Guilin/Yangshuo
If you appreciate small groups, then this language school is perfect for you! The school offers classes that promote purposeful learning. The group consists of around 3 to 5 participants. You can also learn and practice your Chinese with your private tutor if needed. You can book between 10 and 30 lessons per week – either in a group or private ones. If you wish, you can practice what you have learned in a “language exchange” with a native speaker.

The accommodation in Guilin/Yangshuo
If you want to immerse yourself in the Chinese everyday life, then our Chinese language school offers the possibility of an accommodation in a shared flat with a Chinese. If you are looking for a little more privacy, you can also book a private room or a hotel. We are happy to help you with further information.

Events and activities
Our partner school offers a variety of cultural activities and programs. Among other things, you can participate in the following events:

  • Calligraphy – a 7,000-year-old art
  • Tea Ceremony – The art of drinking tea
  • Mahjong – The Chinese’s national game
  • Chinese Dumplings – The most popular food in China
  • Art with paper & scissors – Chinese paper cutting