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Practical Chinese A1

The first steps to learn good Chinese, start with A1!

Within a two year process, we have developed four new state of the art Chinese textbooks together with our core team of Chinese and European language professionals.

The contents of the textbooks are fascinating, carefully structured and well thought-through, with the exacting core competencies of the language specially presented.

The Practical Chinese textbooks are oriented to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the Chinese proficiency test HSK.

All our books contain numerous vivid examples, explanations, and exercises to bring you a closer understanding of the language – not just verbally, but also visually.

Level A1 or HSK 1-2
16 Lessons of Chinese for daily life situations
ISBN: 978-3-9523966-0-5


  • Practical dialogues about daily life situations
  • Pre-lesson and introduction in the language
  • Systematical introduction in Pinyin
  • Vocabulary with the most frequently used words
  • All texts are written in Chinese characters and the official Pinyin
  • Clear and understandable structure
  • Every eighth lesson is used for repetition
  • Lots of different exercises
  • Every grammar point comes with English explanations and examples

Price: 35 Euro plus shipping

The textbooks can only be ordered directly through us and are not available in retail stores.