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Proposition for Colleges

Let your students learn about the world of the impossible!

In the past 30 years, China has done a tremendous job and has become an economic powerhouse. Many commercial and trade aspects of today’s world affect or are affected by China directly or indirectly.

The young generations know-how
This status makes it even more important that the younger generation engages or familiarises themselves with China, as there is a high probability that they will encounter the country’s name in their future careers. Specific knowledge about Chinese Culture & Habits could be valuable for many employers and may add value during the job application process. An internship in China can be an interesting and rewarding experience for a recent graduate to start his or her career with a special “kick”.

Our experience
Through our professional experience and our intensive exchange with Chinese culture over many years, we can impart practical and descriptive knowledge to our students. We share our know-how from the everyday working life in China and enable them to draw important personal conclusions from it.

A selection of our offerings:

Culture of China

  • Business etiquette in China
  • China’s customs
  • Living and working in China


  • Everyday work in China
  • The Chinese culture and the differences to ours
  • Business foundation in China
  • Chinese superstition and cultural affiliation
  • China – today and yesterday

Internship in China 

  • What are the characteristics of an internship in China?
  • What awaits me in China?
  • What is the process to apply for an internship in China?

Themes can also be mixed. It is essential for us that every event ensures a lively exchange between the speaker and the participants. Furthermore, we are aware that the learned knowledge is better understood through anecdotes and practical events. They ensure a better acquisition process and a more efficient usage in the future for the given piece of knowledge.

We are also happy to prepare tailor-made workshops and seminars on request.