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Classes and activities

Learn more about the classes and activities offered

The teachers’ innovative teaching methods are particularly suitable for Western students. We offer a unique, child-friendly curriculum to learn Chinese as quickly, effectively and entertainingly as possible! The primary focus is to be able to use the language in everyday situations with the help of the classes and further practice opportunities within or outside the camp.

The students learn as follows:

  • Small group lessons (max 8 participants)
  • Students are grouped according to their Chinese language levels
  • Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00
  • 3 x lessons per day, with a 10-minute break between sessions

You will be surprised how quickly children can learn a new language!

Excursions and cultural activities
We combine the lessons with a wide range of recreational activities to help students get the most out of their stay in China. We want the participants to return home with higher confidence and new knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

Our Summer Camp program offers 18 different activities, including:

  • Excursions to historical and touristic attractions, including lectures on life, studying and working in China for the parents.
  • Cultural activities, such as visiting the Chinese opera, calligraphy, role-playing and mah-jong.
  • Papercutting will provide a broader and deeper understanding of the Chinese history and culture.
  • Chinese sports including ping pong, kung fu, tai chi and more.