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Facts & Figures

Do you want to know what will happen during your internship? Here are the facts and figures about an internship in China.

China today
Today, China is one of the global players. With 1.35 billion people, it is one of the largest economies in the world. You can be a part of it and benefit from the rise of China.

Internship in China
With an internship, you will learn new ways of working and a new culture, which will be unique in your CV. You will differentiate yourself from the mass of other applicants and land your desired job faster.

Strengthen and increase competences
With an internship, you consolidate your social and professional skills and improve your intercultural competence. You will be in high demand in the job market.

Top advice from our expert
Our expert lived and worked in China for ten years. He founded the MandaLingua language school and had been successfully running it for many years, transforming it into the current MandaLingua competence center. You will receive know-how about China, which also includes “the inside information”.

Partner on site
It is essential that the bridge between you and China works – and it will. This we guarantee you with our long-term local partner in China. We ensure that you always have the right contact person.

Personal care
You will be looked after personally during your stay in China, and you will receive a contact person for your concerns.

We help you with the entire visa process, from registration to all the open questions that may arise. We are here for you.

If you wish, you will receive a room in a shared flat and live together with other international students and interns, with whom you can build lasting friendships.