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HSK Preparation

We will prepare you for your HSK examination with our specialized online courses!

Would you want to extend and enhance your Chinese language skills with a private teacher? And do it in the comfort of your own home? You can with our Skype classes!

Course Description
Our online Skype classes have an individual teaching approach based on one-on-one sessions via Skype. You can decide when you want to have your Chinese lessons – be it in the morning, during the lunch break, after work or on the weekend, the choice is yours! Moreover, in coordination with our qualified teachers, you can decide freely on the contents of the lessons . You can choose topics from our Conversational Course in Practical Chinese, or focus on other topics based on your wants and needs.

Program Description
In MandaLingua, we have an extensive knowledge on the HSK examination, which allowed us to design a curriculum based on HSK official guidelines with pinpoint accuracy. One on one courses with our private teachers will ensure that you pass your examination with a high grade!

Our qualified and experienced instructors will prepare you for the test in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our HSK course also focuses on grammar practice points, enhancing your vocabulary and discussing certain strategies on how to take the exam to ensure success. You will also have a written and oral pre-exam to prepare yourself for the actual test and boost your confidence. MandaLingua courses cover all the 6 levels of complete HSK preparation.

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Do you have any questions about the courses or do you want an offer? Write us! We will answer within 12 hours.

Would you like to have a consultation regarding your next language course? Write us with a time frame in which we can reach you by phone. We are here for you!