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Highlights Chinese Culture

We give you all Highligts about this amazing culture!

We take you on a journey to explore the cultural highlights of China. Learn more about the Terracotta Warriors dating back to the Qin Dynasty or the Four Great Inventions. Be amazed at the beauty of Chinese Gardens or by the diversity of Rice, the ‘daily bread’ for many people.



The Terracotta Warriors

If they had not felt the need to dig for water in a Chinese village in 1974, the secret of the terracotta army probably would never have been discovered and a historical sensation would have been kept from us. Background Qin Shi Huang Di, the first emperor of China, was made king of the Qin […]

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Chinese Garden

One of the great achievements of Chinese culture are the gardens. Anyone who has ever visited a real Chinese garden will be amazed at the variety of design features and the poetry in many details. Significance There are some rules that make a classical Chinese garden, but they are always reinterpreted and have evolved over […]

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Grain of rice on the Stalk

Rice - more than just a grain

‘…. And a sack of rice will burst in China….’ This phrase does not adequately reflect the importance of Rice in the Asia region. This food, in China called dàmǐ (大米), is not only a plant, but ‘daily bread’ for many people. Origin Rice is one of the oldest crops worldwide. Archaeological finds prove that 7000 years ago, […]

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Ice Palace at Harbin Ice Festival evening setting

A Voyage North (Harbin)

In the Northern most area of China, just 300 miles from Russia, one city celebrates its freezing cold temperatures, in fact they practically show off. Crowds flock to see this unique Winter Wonderland. The only catch? Possibility of a wintery death? After the bright lights of Christmas and New Year were put away and the […]

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The Chinese Great Wall

The Chinese Great Wall The biggest structure in the history of humankind; the big wall; the long wall; the 10.00 Li long wall or the unimaginably long wall. One should not, however, be under any illusion of an end-to-end connectivity of the wall that spreads from the Yellow Sea right into the deserts of Central […]

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