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About us, yesterday and today

Learn who we are and where we come from!

Thank you for your interest in MandaLingua. We are glad to give you a brief overview of where the company comes from and what it is today.

MandaLingua, the earlier years

The language school
MandaLingua language school was founded in 2011 by Daniele Bardaro and  it was the only Chinese language school in Shanghai with a fully integrated and structured teaching concept. All programs were designed to meet the needs of language travelers, expatriates, young professionals and children.

Own textbooks
Daniele Bardaro is the publisher of four textbooks, which he developed with highly-qualified language experts. They are used as the standard textbooks in classes.

Internships placements
MandaLingua also organized internships with partners located mainly in Shanghai. The combination of language courses and internships made the program interesting for young professionals.

Seminars, workshops, and cultural events
MandaLingua, in particular Daniele Bardaro, successfully conducted a wide variety of seminars, workshops and cultural events with up to 100 participants. He introduced the participants in an exciting and lively way to the Chinese culture, business life and everyday life in China.

Education and training for teachers
In addition, MandaLingua had set up a Teacher Training Center (MTTC) to ensure the high quality standards of Chinese instruction. With its unique teaching concept, selected teachers and self-developed textbooks, MandaLingua Language School was one of the top ones in China.

MandaLingua today

Language courses; in China, Taiwan and online
As a former language school know what matters when choosing the right school or language course. We offer exciting and interesting language courses in China and Taiwan, as well as online ones with Chinese native speakers.

Preparation programs, seminars for companies and universities
With 10 years of experience in a variety of fields, we offer preparatory programs, seminars and workshops for companies, universities and technical schools that want to learn more about the Chinese culture, Chinese lifestyle, working and living in China, and customs in China. You will get an objective view based on many years living and working in China.

Internships in China
We offer interesting internships in China for all young professionals and university graduates. We know before that it comes to an internship in China and work together with the best partners. This ensures the successful completion of an internship in China.

Excellent network and a lot of know-how
MandaLingua has an excellent network in China and is one of the top companies in the German-speaking Europe with a lot of know-how and experience in the Chinese language, culture and business environment.