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Info for the parents

We are aware of your concerns!

We understand that sending your child abroad is not an easy decision to make, but there is no need to worry. We assure that they will be well looked after 24 hours a day. The summer camp will provide unforgettable experiences that will be invaluable for their future. In addition, China is a very safe travel destination, and the hospitality of the Chinese is remarkable!

Important for you to know

24/7 support and mentoring
A summer camp in China is a big step forward for many parents and students, but we do everything we can to make our participants feel at home. The comfort and well-being of all our students are particularly important to us, thus we will support and supervise them throughout their stay.

Our team is always on duty, and a supervisor accompanies the students day and night throughout the camp. The program director and the main coordinator are supported by dedicated and experienced professionals – including activity coordinators, language teachers and instructors.

An interpreter will also be available to solve any linguistic or intercultural communication problems to assure that the journey is as smooth as possible. The entire team is ready to answer questions and address specific requests.

What makes our summer camps unique?

Round-the-clock support:
Our friendly and experienced team is always available to answer questions, solve problems and ensure the safety of all. An adult is always present during the day and night.

24/7 emergency number:
All parents receive our 24/7 emergency number before the program starts, which they can use to reach us at any time.

Weekly Update:
Our team will send you a weekly report with pictures of what the group and your child have learned and experienced.

Meals and Transportation:
All meals and transport are included throughout the program. Participants have the opportunity to taste many different flavors of Chinese cuisine. The students are picked up from the airport and brought to the camps. The trips to excursions, attractions and the school are included.

Wi-Fi is available in the accommodation and school, so you can easily communicate with your child during their stay.

Culture Shock / Homesickness:
Our personal and long-standing experience in dealing with culture shock and homesickness helps us provide the students with the support they need to overcome these feelings and enjoy their summer camp experiences.

Our award-winning teaching method makes Chinese much more accessible to Western children, and our dedicated teachers make sure that your child receives the best education possible. Research shows that the older you get, the harder it is to learn a language. The children and teenagers have a significant advantage that should not be wasted!

We host our summer camp participants in a centrally located, modern youth hostel. The accommodation is equipped with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a restaurant and a shared lounge to provide your children with a pleasant stay.