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Cities and Hotspots in China

Explore the most vibrant cities in China

To live in China or to explore this amazing country is a wonderful experience and there is a lot to see & learn.



Beijing - The Capitol in Middle Kindom

We provide you with insights about Beijing – sightseeing, nightlife, history and food recommendations.

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Skyline von Shanghai

Shanghai - City on the Huangpu River

Get insights about Shanghai – the history, nightlife and food recommendations.

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Harbin - The ice city

Introduction Harbin (哈尔滨 Hā’ěrbīn) is located within about 3,5 hours by plane from Shanghai, in the North Chinese province Heilongjiang, near Siberia. The rather “small” 3.8 million metropolis is worth traveling to especially during the winter because that is when the world-famous Ice-Festival takes place. In 1898, the city was founded by the Russians in […]

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Xian - The door to the Silk road

Introduction Xi’an (西安市) is the capital city of the Shaanxi (陝西省) province that is relatively centrally located in China. The name of this famous city means “Western Peace”. The 4.000.000 million metropolia gained worldwide recognition through the rediscovery of the famous Terracotta Army. This accidental find by a farmer is one of the largest burial […]

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Qingdao - The City with charme

Introduction Qingdao (青岛) is located within around 6,5 hours by high-speed train in the North of Shanghai. The 7,3 million metropolis, which is relatively small by Chinese standards, is subdivided into a modern city ring, as well as – and this is what is special about Qingdao – a German colonial city ring because from […]

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Xiamen - The city on the Sea!

Xiamen is located within around seven hours via high-speed train in the South of Shanghai, in the province of Fujian, which already lies at the level of Taiwan. As a metropolis, Xiamen spreads across the mainland, which is also where the central station is located, but the heart of the city Xiamen lies on the […]

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