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Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

Tourism, Culture or still having the pleasure learning a new language

Since many chinese people cannot really speak English, this is the time to begin learning Mandarin. If you can speak Mandarin you will be able to communicate with locals not just from China, but from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore as well, including chinese people living abroad. Speaking Mandarin is an asset and will open new doors for you.

China’s economy is currently the second- biggest in the world and has a growth rate of almost 10% per year. This impressive number demonstrates clearly that China is a country packed with opportunities – maybe one of these could be yours. Speaking Mandarin is an extraordinary asset; it will increase your skills and will set you apart from everybody else. You will be able to apply for a bigger range of jobs and will qualify for higher positions involving higher salaries. If you are thinking of working in an international environment, for example in a multinational company, or in an international organisation, the ability to speak Chinese would be a particularly valuable asset. And since China is a newcomer in economic terms, there are plenty of opportunities to open your own company and to be your own boss in China. So, do not miss the chance to learn Mandarin, and keep up with the fast-growing Chinese economy and the opportunities it provides.

Tourism: Plan your next individual travel

Learning Mandarin will allow you to discover the fascinating country of China on your own. If you are not the type of tourist, who follows a guide with a microphone and a flag in the hand, then take the opportunity to learn Mandarin, and you will be surprised how much easier it will become to get around in China. Even if you just speak a few words, locals will appreciate your effort and will welcome you in a different way. Even knowing a little bit of Mandarin will already offer you the chance to lower communication barriers arising from different cultural backgrounds and languages. In this way, you will appear more approachable to chinese people who want to find out more about you. They will then find it easier to ask questions about your home country and your life. Speaking Mandarin will provide you with the unique chance to meet locals from all over Greater China and to become friends with them.

Culture: Understand a 5’000 year old culture

Thanks to a history of about 5’000 years, China has one of the most interesting and one of the richest cultures in the world. However, many ancient books, songs and tales cannot be adequately translated into English. Therefore, the wisdom of China and its culture will be hidden from the rest of the world’s mind. In fact, learning Mandarin will give you the opportunity to discover and understand China’s thousand-year old treasure of knowledge, and to expand your horizon to the East.

Pleasure: Have fun studying a Chinese language

Studying Chinese is fun and especially extraordinary, since many people do not take the chance to explore this pleasant adventure. It is a personal enrichment and will raise your interest and awareness for the Chinese society. Learning Chinese is also the perfect chance to challenge yourself, so observe your personal learning progress and reach a new level of satisfaction in your life.