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Working and Living in China - Let us guide you!

China is a big country and its size is reflected directly in its great cultural diversity. Whether you want to work, live or conduct business in China or just travel to the Middle Kingdom, it’s always a good idea to get an overview of the the culture and customs beforehand. Good preparation is essential for success in China. Understanding the “losing face” concept, customs and superstitions, or simply having knowledge on the little things in everyday life, makes it remarkably easier to get off a good start in the country. We have prepared a summary of the most important features for you!

Summary China Business

In order to master the working day in China it requires the knowledge of some basic rules about the conditions of the Chinese culture. We have put together an excerpt and overview for you. We bring you closer to China!

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Summary China Life

The life in China has many secrets and it is very different from ours. We bring you the Altag China to you. We have written a small overview and summary for you in order to bring you China closer.

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