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Chinese Skype Course THREE

Learn Chinese in our virtual classroom with Skype

Basic Chinese Online Course THREE program allows you to dive in further into the fascinating world of this ancient language with a private teacher and tailored structure.

In this part of the online program, you will successfully complete the A1 beginner level and already posses an excellent insight and introductory knowledge to the Chinese language.

With our online programs, you can learn Chinese whenever you want and wherever you want! All you need is a Skype account, and you’re ready to go.

All our teachers are Chinese native speakers and have experience in teaching the Chinese language.

For the Basic Chinese Online Course THREE, Chinese knowledge equivalent to the previous online courses  is a prerequisite.

Course details

  • Course days: Monday to Sunday
  • Lessons per week: Free choice
  • Duration of weeks: Choice of 1 – 20 weeks
  • Requirements: Completed Chinese Basic Online Course ONE and TWO or equivalent levels
  • Language level: Completing the A1 level

Tuition fee: 590 € / 680 CHF incl. Learning material

The topics are

  • Describing family members
  • Talking about age
  • Ordering food
  • Talking about food
  • Buying clothes and utensils
  • Talking about sports

Why study Chinese with us?

  • Comprehensive classes at affordable prices
  • Well tailored learning experience for maximum efficiency
  • Free scheduling of lessons and flexible content of the classes
  • Experienced and motivated Chinese language teachers
  • Structured textbooks

Our textbooks
All textbooks from A1 to B2 were designed and developed by ourselves. The textbooks are of a high standard and the only textbooks available with a fully integrated concept. They are systematically structured to make the learning experience easier for you.

Questions, proposal, consultancy

Queries or offers
Do you have any questions about the courses or do you want an offer? Write us! We will answer within 12 hours.

Would you like to have a consultation regarding your next language course? Write us with a time frame in which we can reach you by phone. We are here for you!