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Why with us

Convincing information - Why with us

When choosing a language course, internship or cultural mediation, it is crucial to find the right language school, partner or knowledge facilitator. We combine all the three core areas which makes us unique in the market. Below, you will find the most important points on why you make the right choice with us.

✓ Expert and professional knowledge across the board

Formerly a language school
Before MandaLingua became a competence center for the Chinese language, culture, and business, it was an established language school in Shanghai. As a former language school, we know the important points when it comes to choosing the right one. You can directly benefit from our experience in the field!

10 years experience in China
The owner and founder of MandaLingua, Daniele Bardaro, lived and worked in China for 10 years. He has shaped MandaLingua and learned a great deal about the business culture as well as the life in China during this time period. He will gladly share this immense knowledge with you.

Internship placements
MandaLingua has always brokered internships and placements for young professionals with partners in China. We help you with the formidable amount of knowledge we possess, as the selection of a proper position in China and the associated background information are crucial for a successful internship abroad.

✓ The difference it makes

Language course and internships
We know the language school and the job market, as well as the culture, in China very well and expect the highest standards of service and quality from our partners. We have separated the the wheat from the chaff for you in advance. We only work with the best language schools and internship providers in China.

Cultural transfer
Based on the experience of establishing and running our own company in China, coupled with the excellent network we have built, our consultants possess a deep insight into the Chinese culture and business world.

✓ Price comparison
Whether a language course or internship, you do not have to conduct price negotiations with all your individual partners in China. We have compared all the prices and can, therefore, make you an offer fitting to your budget range.

✓ Everything from a single source
You receive an “all in one” consultation from us. You have a contact person who knows your needs and can advise you professionally starting from the initial consultation to the end.

✓ Knowing your needs
Through the former leader of our own language school in Shanghai, we know the needs of the participants and students very well. We understand your language and advise you fairly and honestly.

✓ Fair and honest counseling
We are an independent organization and therefore can advise you fairly and honestly without having any conflicts of interest. With us, you get the right answers to your questions.

✓ Selection of language schools and internships in China
We provide you with a selection of language schools and/or internships that are tailored to your needs. Our offers are non-binding and allow you to compare the schools or the internship positions in detail. You will save time by not having to make an effort to contact all the corresponding parties.

✓ Uniqueness
We only specialize in China, which makes us unique in the field. This gives us the opportunity, through our focused knowledge, to advise you on a higher level and to offer you only the best.

✓ Costs and prices
The prices are transparent and fair. You do not pay additional commissions as we are compensated by the language schools for our service.

✓ Free of charge
Our consultation services are free of charge. We are directly paid for our services by the schools or internship partners.