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Language Course in Guilin

Best Chinese courses in idyllic surroundings of Guilin/Yangshuo

As a former language school in Shanghai, we know what it takes to successfully provide quality education. To assure quality, we have selected the best language school in Guilin/Yangshuo for you!

Overview of Chinese language school
✓ The language school is located near Guilin – surrounded by nature, rivers, and mountains.

✓ The school is well established and active in the market for many years.

✓ Classes are only conducted by trained teachers, which guarantee the best learning success.

✓ There is a free “language tandem program” with a native speaker.

✓ The school impressed us with its sympathetic and professional style; moreover, with their excellent interaction with the students.

❖ All group language courses

Group Course – Basic 15 – Speaking and Listening
With 15 lessons per week, you can learn Chinese in a flexible way. From Monday to Friday, you will be taught by a specialist in listening and speaking in the mornings. It is also possible to be paired with a tandem partner to practice and deepen what you have learned.

  • Course days: Monday to Friday
  • Lessons per week: 15 lessons per week
  • Course content: Speaking & Listening
  • Duration of weeks: Choice of 1 – 24 weeks

Tuition fee: From 178 € each week / From 195 CHF each week

Group Course – Basic 30 – Speaking & Writing
With this intensive course, you can learn a lot and do it in a short time! There are 30 lessons a week in speaking and listening as well as in writing and reading. The course is exciting and allows all participants to immerse themselves deeply into the Chinese language.

  • Course days: Monday to Friday
  • Lessons per week:  30 lessons per week
  • Course morning: Speaking & Listening (20 Lessons)
  • Course afternoon: Writing & Reading (10 Lessons)
  • Duration of weeks: Choice of 1 – 24 weeks

Tuition fee: From 349 € each week / From 392 CHF each week

❖ All private language courses

Private Course – Basic 15 or 20 – Speaking & Listening
If you prefer to have a more tailored approach, then you are better off choosing a private course. With the private course, you get to set the priorities and how intensively you want to learn Mandarin. You can decide whether you want to focus on everyday topics or any other ones you prefer.

  • Course days: Monday to Friday
  • Lessons per week: 15 or 20 lessons per week
  • Course content in the morning: Speaking & Listening
  • Course content in the afternoon: Writing & Reading
  • Duration in weeks: Choice of 1 – 24 weeks

Tuition fee: From 321 € each week / From 367 CHF each week