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Language Schools in Taipei

Learn Chinese in Taipei, boost your Mandarin skills!

About us
We are a specialized agency for Chinese language travel in China & Taiwan. We also offer internship placement in China and cultural education for universities, colleges and companies.

Free of charge counselling
Our services are free of charge. The school will reimburse us for the services we provide to you. We are happy to consult you personally! Call us or write to us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Selection of the language school

Thanks to our experience as a former Chinese language school, we know what matters when choosing the right one. Our top language school in Taipei is a highly professional Chinese language school and have been visited by us for evaluation.

Location of the language school in Taipei
The language school is located in the center of Taipei and very easy to reach by metro or bus. The language school is supervised and run by a foreign manager. We guarantee the quality standard of the school. Free internet, a break room and a reception are available among the school’s facilities.

Guaranteed qualified teachers
The teachers are all trained and certified to teach “Chinese as a Second Foreign Language”. They possess a university degree in Chinese. The instructors all have several years of experience and aim to teach you Chinese in the most effective way.

The language courses
The language school is specially designed for international participants. You can choose between group lessons, private lessons or a combination of both. The groups are small and have a maximum of 6 to 8 participants. In the private lessons, with your tutor, you can determine the content and subject areas.

The accommodations
Our partner school offers various accommodation options. You can choose the best accommodation for yourself, from a private room in shared flat to an executive one-room apartment.

The events and activities
To bring you closer the Chinese culture, our partner school organizes various cultural activities:

  • Calligraphy – a 7,000-year-old art
  • Tea Ceremony – The art of drinking tea
  • Mahjong – The Chinese’s national game
  • Chinese Dumplings – The most popular food in China
  • Art with paper & scissors – Chinese paper cutting