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Language Schools in Beijing

Language schools in Beijing, chosen for you.

About us
We are a specialized agency for Chinese language travel in China & Taiwan. We also offer internship placement in China and cultural education for universities, colleges and companies.

Free of charge service
Our services are free of charge. The schools will reimburse us for the services we provide to you. We are happy to consult you personally! Call us or write to us! We are happy to help you to find the right Mandarin language school in Beijing.

Selection of language schools
Thanks to our experience as a former Chinese language school, we know what matters when choosing the right one. Our variety of top language schools in Beijing are all professional Chinese language schools and have been visited by us for evaluation.

Location of the language schools in Beijing
All language schools are located in downtown Beijing and are very easy to reach by public transport. All  have 5 to 15 classrooms and are equipped with a reception, coffee corner and Wi-Fi.

Near the school
In the vicinity of the partner schools, there are many restaurants, shops, and snack places for the lunch break. Cafes and bars invite you to meet and exchange with the language partners after class.

Guaranteed qualified teachers
At our partner schools, we make sure that all teachers have completed a university education in Chinese (Mandarin) as a foreign language and we require regular certificates of completed training in the field of “Chinese as a foreign language”.

The Mandarin language courses in Beijing
The language courses at our Mandarin language schools in Beijing offer everything from group lessons to private lessons or a combination (group-private). The groups on average have 4 to 6 participants. In the private lessons, you will shape the contents of the course based on your wants and needs with your teacher.

The accommodation in Beijing
If you would like to immerse yourself in the Chinese everyday life, then our partner schools offer the possibility of accommodation in a traditional host family. Instead, if you would prefer an intensive exchange with your schoolmates, then housing in a shared apartment would be the best option for you.

The events and activities
Our partner schools offer various cultural activities and programs. Among other things, you can experience the following events in the schools:

  • Calligraphy – a 7000-year-old typeface art
  • Tea Ceremony – The art of drinking Tea
  • Mahjong – The national game of the Chinese
  • Chinese Dumplings – The most popular food in China
  • Art with paper & scissors – the art of paper cutting

Our partner schools have all the important certifications to offer upmost professional education. Based on our own educational experience in China and our expertise in teaching the Chinese language, we know what matters when choosing a language school. This allows us to offer you a selection of the best schools in Shanghai. We know the language schools and the local management personally. We are in constant communication and exchange with them.