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Our China Know-how

Our China Expert and Businessman brings you closer to the Middle Kingdom!

About us and our know-how
MandaLingua is specialized in providing Chinese language courses in China & Taiwan as well as cultural education for universities, colleges and companies. We also offer interesting internships in China for young professionals preparing for their careers.

Businessman in China
After studying Chinese for two years in China, Daniele Bardaro started his own venture in Shanghai – the MandaLingua Language School, today’s center of excellence for Chinese Language, Culture and Business. Daniele Bardaro set up a language school with the fully integrated teaching program to become one of the leading language schools in China. In addition, he is the publisher of four Chinese textbooks, which were part of the standard teaching of the school.

To ensure the quality of the language courses, Daniele Bardaro founded the MandaLingua Teacher Training Center (MTTC), which had the task of bringing Chinese language teachers didactically and methodically to a high level of education.

The combination of the fully integrated teaching concept, the MTTC and their own textbooks has made the language school one of the top addresses in Shanghai for learning flawless Chinese.

Cultural exchange
Daniele Bardaro, through his 10 years of living and working in China, has accumulated rich business and life experiences and deep insights into Chinese culture. The knowledge ranges from the opening of the business, leadership and everyday life in China. His knowledge is profound and practical. Daniele Bardaro successfully ran a variety of seminars, workshops and cultural events with up to 100 participants. He introduced the participants in an exciting and lively way to Chinese culture, business life or everyday life in China.

Managing director of MandaLingua
With the leadership of the own enterprise and in the constantly fast and rapid business environment of China, came the realization that the business world in the Middle Kingdom is a completely different one than in Switzerland or Europe.

Topics such as Leadership, Government Agencies, Contracting, Recruitment, Chinese Customer Service, Chinese Problem Solving, Developing and Establishing New Business Models, just to name a few fields, employed Daniele Bardaro in his operational and strategic leadership of the language school. In part, Chinese culture took on quite a big influence in the daily work of Daniele Bardaro. Handling it and integrating it into everyday life was a challenging task.

Specialist and expert knowledge
Through the many trips in China, the close contact with the population and the constant exchange with Chinese, authorities and Chinese business partners, Daniele Bardaro has built up a lot of expert knowledge in the last 10 years of his time in China, which is invaluable today. He would like to share this technical and expert knowledge with interested participants. With Daniele Bardaro, you will not meet a theoretician, but a practitioner who got to know the Chinese working world from the grassroots and who not only saw life in China from the textbooks, but experienced and felt it on his own.

Daniele Bardaro is German native speaker and fluently speaks Chinese and English in spoken and written.