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Internship positions in China

Start your career in one of your internship positions!

We have a variety of internship positions in China. You can also choose from different location options we offer. Here you will find information about the places and the possibilities. You can contact us if your desired career field is not listed.

Internship in Shanghai
As a metropolis of millions, Shanghai is one of the most popular destinations for people who want to do an internship abroad in China. With an impressive history, Shanghai presents itself today as a dynamic and an exciting city.

With numerous museums, theaters, temples, modern architecture, historic buildings and scenic parks such as Zhongshan Park or Century Park, the city has everything you want from an exciting trip.

Shanghai, with its 25 million inhabitants, is considered as the most modern city in China. Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and the language, discover the smaller Chinese towns in the surrounding areas filled with tradition, explore China’s culinary delights – all this and much more is waiting for you!

Shanghai is the economic and the financial center of China. Most of the automotive, petrochemical, steel, bio-medicine and mechanical engineering industry are based in Shanghai. The city is also well known for producing electronics and information technology products.

Internship positions in Shanghai
In Shanghai, you can find internship positions in marketing, real estate, sales, IT, telecommunications and much more. As Shanghai is the financial center, many positions in finance are available. Due to its proximity to the sea, import/export and logistics are also sought-after positions.

You can also find internships in China as a business analyst, a brand creator, an architect or in fields such as social media and corporate PR & communications.

Give us a call, and we will be glad to inform you on our selection of suitable internships in Shanghai.

Internship in Beijing
Beijing is considered as the cultural center of the country with a history that spans over 3000-years. The city is also regarded as modern and vibrant. It has gained in charm and fascination through its combination of modern and ancient architecture. Tian’anmen Square, the Imperial Palace or the Temple of Heaven are just a few of Beijing’s most famous landmarks.

Beijing’s economy is one of the most developed and prosperous in China. Beijing, the capital of China, is also the political center. It lies in a lowland at an average of 63 meters above sea level and is home to 21 million people.

Beijing is increasingly known for its innovative entrepreneurship and high-growth start-up companies. Moreover, it is home to 52 Fortune Global 500 companies and the 100 largest Chinese companies. Beijing’s real estate and automotive sectors have also continued to grow in recent years.

The financial sector is also a significant field in Beijing and has been ranked as the 16th most competitive financial center in the world and the 6th most competitive in Asia.

Internships positions in Beijing
In Beijing, you can choose from variety of fields, from an internship in marketing, communications, finance, IT and telecommunications to an exciting position in the hotel industry or real estate. You can also find an internship in sales or event management as well as a marketing & business developer.

Internship in Hangzhou
Hangzhou can be reached within 1.5 hours by train from Shanghai. The city is known for its beautiful cityscapes, temples, pagodas and the West Lake, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hangzhou is home to many technology and e-commerce companies. The giant Taobao and Alibaba also have their origins in Hangzhou. In 2015, Hangzhou’s added value was 106 billion RMB.

The city is also a big producer of bio-pharmaceuticals and biochemicals. Foreign investment is strongly promoted by the regional government to improve the research and development capacities of the local industries. This makes Hangzhou one of China’s leading innovation and technology centers.

Internship positions in Hangzhou
As a young professional, you can find various internship possibilities in Hangzhou. Interns in the fields of bio-pharma, IT and others such as e-commerce are in high demand. You can also find positions in marketing, real estate, sales and telecommunications.

Call us if your desired area is not listed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Internship in Chengdu
Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province and has around 15 million inhabitants – 9 million in the Chengdu suburbs and around 5 million in the city. Chengdu has become the economic center of Western China. The city enjoys a reputation as the fourth most populous city in the country.

Chengdu has the most prosperous economy of all Chinese cities. A think tank in the US has concluded that the factors employment growth, foreign investment, and high added-value industries are crucial for that success. More than 260 Fortune 500 companies are based in Chengdu.

Tourism is one of the pillars of the service sector of Chengdu. Besides, Chengdu still has a large industrial area. Industrial production in 2015 amounted to 1,193 billion RMB.

Internships positions in Chengdu
Chengdu also hosts the eight major industries; electronic information systems, food processing (including tobacco), engineering, petrochemical, metallurgy, automotive, construction materials and light industries. Other sectors include finance, transport, and communications.

As a young professional, you can find internships in many disciplines in Chengdu. Be it in the IT, food industry, the entire electronic sector or information technologies. We can provide you with the right tools to find a suitable position in Chengdu as an intern.

Internship in Guangzhou
Guangzhou is located northwest of Hong Kong and is the largest city in southern China. It is the transportation, industrial, financial and commercial center of China. The city has an area of over 16,000 square kilometers and a population of 6.7 million.

Guangzhou has much to offer, such as the opera designed by Zaha Hadid; the Guangdong Museum, which was built like a box; or the famous “Canton Tower”, which resembles a thin hourglass.

The city is also known for the advancement of its other industries. These include information technologies, bio-medicine and artificial intelligence. Guangzhou is on its way to become a global center for technological innovation, with 140,000 tech companies already based in the area.

Guangzhou is the economic center of the Pearl River Delta, and it is in the heart of one of China’s leading trading and manufacturing regions. The city has paper mills, a long-established textile industry (silk, cotton, jute and, more recently, synthetic fibers), a variety of factories including tractors, machinery, machine tools, newsprint, refined sugar, small appliances, tires, bicycles, sports equipment and produces porcelain, cement as well as various chemicals.

Internship positions in Guangzhou
If you want to do an internship in China, or in Guangzhou, you can find a variety of different positions. These range from mechanical engineering, agriculture, finance, textiles to real estate and marketing.

If you do not find a suitable area, call us! We are happy to advise you and find a suitable internship position.

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