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Proposition for Companies

No culture shock! Take advantage of our know-how and succeed in China!

Are you sending an employee to China? Would you like to know what impact the cultural differences can have on your company or employee? Or would you want to get a taste of China’s culture?

Our know how – your capital
Thanks to our know-how we can provide you with a wide range of knowledge on cultural conveyance; practice-oriented and straightforward. Our expertise is based on many years of operating and leading our own company in China.

China today – China tomorrow
As a rising economic power, China plays a global role that is interesting and important not only for large corporations but also for SMEs and other various businesses.

Despite the increasing globalization of the world and the “westernization” of many aspects of the business culture, one should not underestimate the differences in cultural and business norms, as well as various other value systems, present between Switzerland / Germany / Europe and China. Knowledge and understanding of these cultural differences are essential to succeed in China. We have seen many companies, big and small, that wanted to get into the Chinese market but unfortunately failed due to the lack of knowledge on these differences. There are, however, foreign companies that have taken these differences into account and still operate successfully in China.

Culture differences
Often it is the small cultural differences that can make a big difference, in both positive and negative sense. Adequate preparation of the employee, who is to be sent to China, can be crucial for the success of the project. Just to know about the Do’s and Don’ts in China can be a big asset!

Employee preparation
Cases of premature termination of the employee’s stay, increase in job dissatisfaction or lack of motivation are frequently faced by companies due to poor preparation processes. Not to mention that the partner or the spouse of the employee can play a crucial role and must be involved in the process.

Our programs
That’s why we offer you a wide selection of preparation programs, workshops, training sessions, situation analyses and overview events on China so that your goals, plans, assignments and operations in China have a solid foundation and can be as successful as possible. Through our years of business experience in China combined with our knowledge and insight into the Chinese culture, we guarantee you a high level of knowledge transfer.

Our Services are:

For the company

  • Business etiquette in China
  • How do you do Business in China?!
  • The Chinese business dinner
  • Everyday work in China
  • HR management in China
  • Cultural differences between Europe and China

For the employee to be sent to China

  • Employee preparation for posting
  • Employee preparation for the relocation
  • Preparation of the partner for the relocation
  • Employee preparation – Business Trips
  • Employee preparation – Business Negotiations

Situation analysis

  • Is Chinese market right for our company?
  • How will our product arrive in China? – Localization
  • Choice of location in China – in the saturated east or “wild” west China?
  • Which form of business in China and the choice of partner?


  • The Chinese market and the customer
  • Opportunities and challenges in China
  • China, a land of a thousand aspects

Every industry, branch, relocation and / or business idea has its characteristics. Therefore our know-how transfers are individually tailored to you and your needs. Did not find the desired subject area? Write to us, and we will show you the possibilities. We look forward to your inquiry and will gladly provide you with our services.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to provide you with an individually tailored service.