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Proposition for Universities

Culture transfer - Interesting things to learn and take with you!

China is a country of superlatives. With around 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is the most densely populated and, at the same time, the fourth largest country on earth by area. Everything in China realised very quickly and, within a very short time, 15 megacities were created, in which more than 260 million people live.

In addition, there are 150 million more cities, many of which have never been heard of in the West. This boost in growth is reflected not only in the increasing living standards of many Chinese and the joy of consumption but also in China’s role as a growing economic and political world power.

Your students know-how
It is even more important now that students of all disciplines familiarise themselves with the country of China and its culture, as for many, China will come up as a point of contact in their academic and professional careers. Employees, lecturers and professors of the universities should also build up or refresh their knowledge of China, since cooperations and scientific collaborations, with the more than 2,880 Chinese universities, are growing substantially in numbers.

Internship in China
We would also like to introduce the possibilities of an internship in China for every university graduate. An internship in China can decisively shape the professional future of a recent graduate at the start of their career. The accumulated work experience, coupled with the various new social and professional skills, are immensely valuable.

Our experience
Through our years of experience all around China, we can draw on many professional and private events from our past to convey our knowledge excitingly and vividly.

Among other things, we offer the following events:


  • Introduction to Chinese culture
  • Chinese business etiquette
  • China’s customs
  • Negotiations in China and with Chinese


  • China’s past to the future
  • The Chinese market and the customer
  • Superstition and popular belief

Internship in China

  • What awaits me in China?
  • How can I increase my career opportunities by doing an internship in China?
  • What is the process of an internship in China?

We can also offer topics and lectures, that are not listed above, tailored to your needs and wishes.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry!