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Internship in Beijing

An internship in Beijing. Kick off for your professional career!

The city of Beijing
The name Beijing means “northern capital of China”, and the Chinese character 北 (bei) stands for north and 京 (jing) for capital. Mountains in the north, northwest and west protect the city and the northern Chinese agricultural land from the desert steppes. The gigantic Great Wall of China, north of Beijing, was built on rugged mountains to defend itself against nomadic attacks. Large rivers that run through the city, including the Chaobai, Yongding, Juma, are all tributaries in the “shark-river-system” and flow in south-east direction.

Due to the Siberian weather conditions, the climate in Beijing in winter is rather dry and cold – in contrast to the summer, influenced by the monsoon, which is humid and hot.

Beijing has a total population of about 21 million, of whom 18 million live in urban or suburban communities and around 2 million in rural villages.

Beijing’s cuisine is known for its Peking Roast Duck and Fuling Jiabing, a traditional Beijing snack. This pancake-style dish, with a special stuffing, looks like a mushroom.

In traditional Chinese medicine, this stuffing is also used for healing purposes.

The most famous landmarks of Beijing are the “Great Wall“, the “Forbidden City“, the “Tian’an Men Square” as well as the “Summer Palace” and the “Temple of Heaven”.

If you want to do an internship in a city with both culture and modernity – Beijing is the place for you. You will love the city and its 3000-year-old culture.

The economy in Beijing
Beijing’s CBD, located in Guomao, is home to a variety of regional corporations, shopping districts, and luxury real estate. The Beijing Financial District of Fuxingmen and Fuchengmen are the traditional financial centers. Zhongguancun, also known as China’s Silicon Valley, remains an important center for the electronics and computer industries.

Beijing is increasingly known for its high-growth start-ups. This culture is supported by a large community of Chinese and foreign capital firms. Although Shanghai is the economic center of China, this is mainly due to the numerous large corporations located there and not because of the high levels of entrepreneurship.

The district of Fangshan has become the center for petrochemical product production. Other areas are known for mechanical engineering, iron processing and steel production. The textile industry or the production of synthetic fabrics, colors, paper, etc. are also indispensable for Beijing’s economy.

Moreover, many fashion boutiques and shopping malls can be found in Beijing.

There are also many opportunities for young people to enjoy themselves in the capital. Bars and discos are available in all variants and leave nothing to be desired.

Why an internship in Beijing?
China will take a central role in the world economy at an accelerating pace. The Middle Kingdom is investing massively abroad, and you can benefit from it with an internship. As a young professional, an internship in Beijing will stand you out from the crowd. You will not only gain relevant professional experience – but also expand your skills. Through your acquired skills and knowledge, you can drastically increase job opportunities.

Jobs for interns in Beijing
Below is a selection of open placement opportunities in Beijing. Call us, if you cannot find your dream internship as we have many other options available in various industries.

  • Art Gallery Management
  • Account Executive
  • Blog Publisher
  • Business Developer
  • Backend Web Developer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Editor Internship
  • Communication and Event Management
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Community Assistant
  • Event Planner
  • and much more

What is included in the internship package?

✓ Professional consultation
We advise in a professional way and take time for you. We are always looking forward to interesting discussions with young professionals. With our business experience from China, we know what is important for doing an internship in China.

✓ 4 lessons in Chinese per week
You will receive 4 Chinese lessons per week to quickly integrate into your daily work and everyday life.

✓ We can organize accommodation for you
If you need an accommodation, we can offer you a room in a shared flat. You would share a bathroom, living room and kitchen with other international students.

✓ Student Visa in China
You will receive all necessary documents for your Visa in China. Our partner will provide the invitation letter for your internship.

✓ Airport pickup
To make your arrival easier, our local partner will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your accommodation or to the school.

✓ 24/7 on-site support
You will receive on-site support to ensure a smooth progress of your internship in China.

✓ Cultural activities
Our partner offers interesting cultural workshops, such as Mah-jong, Tai Chi etc. With these activities, you can immerse yourself in the Chinese culture. All events are free of charge.

✓ Welcome Package
Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack. The package includes a city map, a rechargeable card to use the public transportation system and a student card with which you can shop at discounted rates in certain shops.

Visa for your Internship
For an internship in China, we recommend that you apply for the Student X2 visa at the Chinese Embassy. You will need a valid passport, a copy of the letter of invitation, a visa application form and two official passport photos. We are happy to help you with the process.

The placement processes

1: First contact
Write to us or call us and send us your CV in advance.

2: Appointment for the first conversation
After reviewing your CV, we will be happy to contact you and arrange a brief initial interview. The interview takes place by phone, in person or via Skype.

3: Sending your documents to China
After the interview, we will send your documents together with our notes of the conversation to China. Our partner will contact you upon receiving the documents and arrange an interview with you.

4: CV goes to the company
Subject to your consent, the partner will send your documents to the company. For this step, a processing fee is charged, which will be refunded in case of a successful mediation.

5: Completion of the mediation
If the company hires you, you can sign the contracts and start planning your trip to China. If you wish, we will gladly look at your documents and check that all points are correct.

6: Payment
Upon completion, the final payment will be due within 7 to 10 days

Prices and services

The prices vary depending on the services. Accommodations and Chinese Language Course incl.

  • 1-month internship 2.800 Euro
  • 2-months internship 3.700 Euro
  • 3-months internship 4.400 Euro
  • 4-months internship 5.500 Euro
  • 5-months internship 6.050 Euro
  • 6-months internship 6.640 Euro

Currency fluctuations reserved. Prices without accommodation are provided upon request.

Important points “Short and sweet”
China is one of the world’s most ambitious countries today. With an internship, you can give your resume a special touch, strengthen and enhance your skills. You will receive top advice from us, and you can benefit from our experience in China. Our local partner guarantees a smooth process.