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Proposition for Individuals

A trip? Meet the Chinese? A startup business in China?

China has always been an intriguing country, and since its borders opened, it has attracted more and more people from the rest of the world. Whether as a dream holiday destination or an attractive business hub, China offers you a vast range of opportunities.

Travel Preparation for China
Would you like to learn more about the country and its people before travelling to China? More than it would ever be possible with a tourist guide? Are you interested in the hidden gems of real China as well as the tourist hotspots? We will prepare a personalised instruction for you that would reflect the expectations from your travel plans. This will allow you to explore and see the Middle Kingdom from a different perspective and avoid tourist traps. You will be able to learn about the 5000-year-old culture as well as the many differences in this vast country based on regional differences. After all, China fits in Switzerland 231 and Germany 27 times into its land area. After the introduction, you will be able to understand the people and the land of China better, thus take home intense experiences that are more unique and more memorable.

Interactions with the Chinese
Will you be interacting with the Chinese for work or social reasons? Learn more about Do’s and Don’ts in China. You will soon discover that you are dealing with a completely different culture than in the west. This can quickly lead to misunderstandings since the perception and handling of the human environment are very different in China and Europe. Learn how to interacts with the Chinese and understand the reason why certain things in China are the way they are.  Understand the importance of popular beliefs and superstition in China, as these things still play a significant role in the Chinese culture together with traditions. This will simplify the communication and give you a clearer picture to understand the ways of the Chinese people.

Startup in China
Are you thinking about starting up a company in one of the booming cities of China? We, from MandaLingua, can provide you with first-hand information, analyse your project together with you and support you in the direction you want to take with our know-how. It is important to remember that the Chinese market has many peculiarities that Europeans are not always aware of. One must also not assume that a western company in China automatically has an ace up their sleeve although it may have been the case in the past. Nowadays, the local and the international competition in China is bigger than ever. China, however, still offers opportunities that are unique in the world and to make use of them, proper preparation is the first step to success.

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