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Information about Taipei

The vibrant centre of Taiwan

The capital of Taiwan is a beautiful metropolis. It is the center of the economy, finance, tourism and even the fashion industry of the entire island. Life in Taipei is continuously on the move and is continuously changing. On the one hand, Taipei is a booming cosmopolitan city, and on the other, it preserves its traditional values that have been passed down through generations. The skyline impresses while the charming and warm hospitality of the local city dwellers conquer every heart.

Exploring the city, you should start with the National Palace Museum, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks; moreover, you can see Chinese paintings, calligraphy, bronze art, jade art, ceramics and rare books from different periods and dynasties of China. The spectacular Taipei 101 Building is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world and, of course, riding up to the viewpoint, so that you can enjoy the impressive view, is a must. This 106-story building astonishes everyone as it successfully combines elements of modern and traditional Chinese styles.

Walk to the nearby National Theatre and Centre Hall and admire the grand traditional architecture. A visit to the Longshan Temple, the oldest temple in Taipei from the 18th century, should be on your list. The intricately carved main entrance and the various buildings with versatile stone and bronze beams paired with refined roofs will impress anyone. In the evening, one of the many night markets should be visited. You can immerse yourself in all the senses Taiwanese life has to offer.

Travel around Taipei
Taiwan offers much more than just the capital of the island and despite its relatively small dimensions, it invites you to discover. The east coast offers a spectacular and wild coastline while the southern part of the island offers a subtropical feeling. The island center consists of a mountain range that has over 200 peaks with more than 3,000 meters in height. Quite in the middle is the highest Yu Shan mountain with a height of 3,952 m. Three other major cities in Taiwan are Kaohsiung (2 hours by express train), Taichung (1.5 hours) and Tainan (2.5 hours). All of them have their own characteristics and should be visited if enough time is available.

The climate of the region
The summers are hot and humid; the highest temperatures in Taipei reach about 33 °C. Typhoons can be expected to form during these times. The winters are mostly dry and the temperatures vary around 15 – 18 °C.

Mode of transport in Taipei
The public transport network is very well developed, and, in the city, you can get taxis everywhere. For the taxi driver, you should have the destination in Chinese characters, as this simplifies matters. All major cities on the island can easily be reached with the high-speed trains.