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Leisure actitivites in Shanghai

The best to offer in Shanghai

Shanghai is the economic heart and the “driving force” of China. Almost 100 years ago, most foreigners in China lived in Shanghai, and that is still the case today. This metropolis is also a magnet for the Chinese people from all over the country. As a result, Shanghai offers a wide variety of activities and experiences.

Urban Planning Exhibition Center
An excellent excursion for a rainy day, or if you are interested in the architecture and development of the city. This expansive exhibition has five floors and always offers exciting special exhibits. One highlight of the center is a detailed model of the whole town, which extends over almost two levels. Moreover, it contains exhibitions on urban planning and a 3D film.

Shouning Road
This night market is famous in Shanghai due to its numerous different shops along the river. It is worth a visit after sunset as the temperatures in summer are more pleasant then. There are beautiful scents of grilled meat, vegetables, and seafood all around in the air. Here you can try out the splendid cuisines of China and the regional ones of Shanghai.

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center
Once a private collection of old propaganda posters, the center has over time turned into a small, yet fascinating, museum in a basement. A dazzling visual presentation of authentic Maoist communist propaganda posters. The gift shop sells original posters, postcards, photos and much more … Here you will find unique souvenirs!

Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum
This insightful museum reveals the story of the Jewish migration waves – especially between 1937 and 1941 when 30,000 Jewish refugees fled the Holocaust in Europe. The Hangkou District around the Ohel Moshe Synagogue is where most of these refugees settled down. Over time, they formed a Jewish quarter. With generous funding, it is one of the best-preserved museums in Shanghai and has excellent English translations.

Jing’An Sculpture Park
This 110-acre sculpture oasis is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. More than 61 life-size sculptures are scattered throughout the grounds. Including creations by internationally acclaimed artists such as Alex Rinsler and Wim Delvoye. The best is – it’s free!

M50 Creative Park
This art center was initially a wool factory and is often referred to as the little sister of the Beijing art district “789”. Spread over 36 hectares, it houses more than 130 artists, galleries, graphic designers, architects, film, and television production companies, as well as jewelry manufacturers. The galleries are located along the famous Moganshan Road, which is worth a visit in every season.

Kung Fu Comedy Club
The first and only “full-time stand-up comedy club” in mainland China, which has gained massive popularity since its opening in 2011. There are performances by foreign and local comedians in English and Mandarin five nights a week. The venue offers colorful performances and the crowd of audience is just as bright.

KTV stands for karaoke and is a trendy way to past the time in China. There are many different types of karaoke in Shanghai. The most popular form of karaoke is renting a small or medium sized room with karaoke equipment, to create an intimate atmosphere with friends or business associates. The premises are rented by the hour or the whole night. There are a variety of different kinds of karaoke bars. Some extent across multiple floors and offer a range of amenities.