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Leisure activities in Guilin/Yangshuo

Nature related leisure activities in Guilin & Yangshuo

“I would rather live in Guilin than in heaven,” it is a phrase that the inhabitants of Guilin use to playfully praise their beautiful home. Guilin is blessed with scenic mountains, fantastic caves, and graceful rivers. The people of Guilin are laid back, hospitable and full of life, so much so that visitors often envy where and how the locals live.

Early morning
When the sun is just above the horizon in the early morning, the elderly walk in Guilin’s parks or open squares and do their morning gymnastics. Guilin’s people firmly believe in the healing power of movement, and it also gives them an excuse to meet with friends, share common interests and chat. Throughout the city, you can observe and maybe even join in Tai Chi, Martial Arts, dancing, singing or calligraphy. After the exercises, head to the local rice noodle restaurants. Guilin is famous for its rice noodles, and they are a popular breakfast option here in the area.

A boat trip on the Li River has a decelerating effect and allow the breath-taking landscape to affect you in a completely different way. A visit to the elephant trunk hill is a must. The rice fields in Longji are also quite impressive because they have preserved their original splendor for centuries. The Reed Flute Cave lets you immerse yourself in a magical underground world. The rock formations of the cave are among the most impressive in China, with numerous stalactites and stalagmites as well as stone pillars, rock curtains and stone flowers, which are illuminated by colorful lights.

The fishing village of Xingping is not far from Guilin. The village is known for its many traditional cormorant fishermen as well as the unspoiled Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. The fishermen, who have been fishing for centuries with their woven robes, do so in the evening and at night as the bright glow of their lamps lures the fish, which can then be more easily hunted by the cormorants from their boats. The picture on the back of the 20-yuan note is from hills that can be seen next to Xingping.

In the evening
After dinner, everyone takes to the streets to take a walk. There is an old proverb in China “100 steps after eating are good for the digestion”. Therefore, the night markets and the promenade on Li River are full of people. If a small hunger comes, then there are many food stalls along the roadside. After the walk, people come together to play chess, mahjong or cards.

Nightlife in downtown Guilin
Guilin’s downtown has a hip nightlife, and there is plenty to do. The most popular area at night is Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, where brand-name boutiques, nightclubs, and bars are located. Many people enjoy just being there, as the motto goes; “to see and be seen”.

Yangshuo, south of Guilin, is famous for its stunning natural beauty. The Yulong River, a tributary of the Li River, is renowned for its scenic landscape views and offers many opportunities for great camera shots. The entire landscape is untouched. The water is clear, the green hills gently and the lush farmland make the region around the Yulong River particularly beautiful. For a small fee, you can rent a bike for a whole day and discover the area comfortably. Among other things, a trip to the moon hill, which is located 8 km south of Yangshuo, is a great experience. It is a vast rocky hill with a round hole in the middle – which is 50 meters wide and 50 meters high.

The ancient city of Fuli, which is more than 1,000 years old, is located 8 km north of Yangshuo. The town is surrounded on three sides by green mountains and on one side by a river. This ancient city is not only embedded in a breath-taking landscape but is also home to many artists. Often, the beautiful scenery is depicted on lovingly produced caskets, pictures, and wind fans.

Yangshuo Park is a favorite meeting place for local people who enjoy doing exercises, dancing or playing badminton. There is a hill within the park, which offers a beautiful view of Yangshuo County and the surrounding countryside.

The West Street is 517 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is located in the center of Yangshuo. The buildings along the cobbled street have been preserved in typical southern Chinese style. Here you will find a large selection of souvenirs, handcrafted artifacts, restaurants, and snacks