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About the Nature Paradise

In the heart of China, pure nature in Guilin/Yangshuo.

The city of Guilin and Yangshuo are located in the southern province of Guangxi on the famous Li River, which is the starting point of many discoveries. The course of the river resembles a painted masterpiece, with rolling hills, unique sandstone formations, impressive caves, and valleys. Guilin embeds itself in this particularly charming landscape, which was and still is the inspiration of many Chinese artists. For centuries, this region has been a magnet for the Chinese and is particularly exciting for a slightly different stay in China.

Already the names of the sights let one dive into another world. The examples would be the elephant trunk mountain, where the moon seems to be under and over the water at the same time; the Princes’ Palace of Jinjiang, which is remarkably similar to the Forbidden City; or the mountain of colored layers reminiscent of stacked silk bundles of different colors. The name of the town of Guilin also enchants, as it translates to “the city of the fragrant forest” as there are a large number of flowers throughout the city that have potent aromas.
A unique feature of the region is the cormorant fishery, which has been established here for more than 2000 years ago. The fishermen use trained cormorants sent from their small bamboo boats to hunt fish.

Travel to and study in Yangshuo
South of Guilin is where Yangshuo is situated, which has awakened from a deep slumber in the last few years. It can be reached from Guilin by bus, taxi or even by boat, as both cities are located on the Li River. This particular part of the river between two cities is so impressive that a section of it also made it to the back of the 20-yuan note. The region around Yangshuo is ideal for exploring by bicycle, and even some of Asia’s best climbing areas are here – especially the Moon Hill, which has a distinctive circular hole that derives its name. The West Road is the heart of Yangshuo and one of China’s oldest streets, with a history of more than 1,400 years. It is a typical, but nowadays somewhat a rare, example of a historic South Chinese road in the old style. This area is especially attractive for nature lovers and people who want to immerse themselves in an ancient, traditional China.

The climate of the region
The region has a subtropical monsoon climate, with warmth and humidity almost all year round. The summers are hot and accompanied by the relatively frequent rain showers. Winter is mild, spring and autumn are short but very pleasant. The average annual temperature is 19 ° C, with January being the coldest at an average of 8 ° C and July highest at around 28 ° C.

Means of transport in the region
The airport and the express train station of Guilin are ideal. Onward journey to Yangshuo can be made in one of the many intercity buses, by taxi or comfortably by boat. In Guilin, almost every place can be reached on foot or by taxi. In Yangshuo, renting a bike and exploring the surrounding areas is highly recommended.